Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus



Airline Code: 230

Airline Website:

Customer Service Phone #:

United States: +1 866 359 8482

Mexico: +52 (81) 82150150


Viva Aerobus is a major low-cost airline based at Monterrey International Airport in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon. Viva Aerobus is the third-largest airline in Mexico and the eleventh-largest in North America by passenger numbers.

The airline offers over 160 routes to more than 50 destinations across Mexico, the United States, Central, and South America. It operates direct flights to Tulum (TQO) from Guadalajara (GDL), Mexico City-Felipe Angeles (NLU), Monterrey (MTY), and Tijuana (TIJ), as well as vice versa. As of April 2024, the airline has a fleet of 104 aircraft.

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Viva Aerobus Direct Flights to Tulum Airport

Mexico City Airport (NLU)Tulum Airport (TQO)VB9368
Mexico City Airport (NLU)Tulum Airport (TQO)VB9360
Guadalajara Airport (GDL)Tulum Airport (TQO)VB3288
Monterrey Airport (MTY)Tulum Airport (TQO)VB4212
Tijuana Airport (TIJ)Tulum Airport (TQO)VB7160

Viva Aerobus Direct Flights from Tulum Airport

Tulum Airport (TQO)Mexico City Airport (NLU)VB9369
Tulum Airport (TQO)Mexico City Airport (NLU)VB9361
Tulum Airport (TQO)Guadalajara Airport (GDL)VB3289
Tulum Airport (TQO)Monterrey Airport (MTY)VB4213
Tulum Airport (TQO)Tijuana Airport (TIJ)VB7163

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